psalms vs. facebook


(picture via bingbing on flickr)

Holidays, parties, clothes, friends, family, work, gadgets, toys — just log in to Facebook and you get to see them all. And like this helpful series says, we often envy those close to us.

With its endless stream of updates about my friends’ lives, Facebook can become a breeding ground for sinful envy if I’m not careful. Psalms 98 then shifts my attention to someone else:

Oh sing to the Lord a new song,
for he has done marvelous things!
His right hand and his holy arm
have worked salvation for him.
The Lord has made known his salvation;
he has revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations.
He has remembered his steadfast love and faithfulness
to the house of Israel.
All the ends of the earth have seen
the salvation of our God. (Psalm 98: 1-3)

I thought about how I visit Facebook more often than I  ‘shout for joy to the Lord’ (v4). It’s impossible to worship God when I’m envying my friend’s latest holiday. It’s impossible to worship God when I’m thinking if only I had that person’s camera. It’s impossible to worship God when I wish I am as talented as that acquaintance.

So today I am determined to worship the Lord even as I am visiting the dentist, cleaning the floors, ironing clothes and watching a movie with Graham. I am going to take time each day just to shout out loud in joy and let my soul breathe.


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