What! I’m not a domestic goddess?


I’m learning things at a faster pace than I can blog about them. Meanwhile life in the new house has happily been disaster-free so far. Here are a few thoughts about new practices…

  1. Grocery list cum meal planner: Helps me to spend my money and my time more wisely. I have the freedom to shuffle meals around in the week. But I still forget to pick up random items from supermarkets sometimes.
  1. Chores schedule: I find that it helps me not to overwork myself. I resist doing that extra bit of compulsive cleaning until it’s rostered. I’m also cultivating a greater tolerance for dirt and dust so that I won’t be a slave to the house and miss out on paying attention to God’s word.
  1. Quiet time: Now that I’ve got more preparation and cleaning up to do in the morning, it’s no longer practical to read the bible and pray before Graham goes to work. Instead of conveniently leaving out one or the other, I hope to spend the first hour after he leaves in prayer.
  1. Having people over: I won’t be surprised if I would care more for a clean house than for the guests. Reminding myself that it’s okay when guests spill drinks, drop crumbs, or dirty the walls. The house is not mine, I’m a steward of God’s gift, that’s all.

Housekeeping is teaching me to set my eyes on the things that are above, not on things that are on earth. (Colossians 3:1-4) When chores are never-ending and I tend to crave my husband’s approval and appreciation, the Holy Spirit is applying  the lesson of ‘working heartily for God and not for man’ (Colossians 3:23) patiently to my heart.


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