tough night


It’s really so hard to love my husband when I’m so sinful. How can I get more patience? I don’t like losing my temper with him : (


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  1. hehe, i lose my temper on my hb all the time. While he’s a loving hb and a doting daddy, there’re just numerous times when he makes me hopping mad. :p I just screamed at him umpteen times last night.

  2. hahahaha! i have the same problem with my son!

    my husband “banned” the usage of words like “stupid”, “lazy”… think they are disrespectful… i have grown to realise what i thot is “stupidity” and “laziness” are totally different way of possessing info and different level of passion…

    yes, marriage and parenthood force one to be more Christ-like only becoz of love.

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