God allows me to be married!


I chuckled when Graham mentioned in his prayers that the last four months have seen lots of emotions and uncovered many things about ourselves. (For those of you who know him and how well he conceals his feelings, this is a milestone!)

And I’m actually glad we are no longer in the so-called ‘honeymoon period’. It’s terrifically sobering. Our need for God’s grace is so great every day!

It’s easy to lose our joy and thankfulness when we fight and disagree. Instead of praising God for his blessings, we start to think like marriage is a curse and a burden.

But marriage is a gift from God, my husband is a gift from God. And like any other gift from God, it is entirely a gift of grace.

I didn’t get married because I would make a better wife than others do, and I’m certainly not in the running for Best Wife Award any time soon. Yet in his grace, God has allowed me to be married!

So I choose to be thankful… for every day, every week and every month. It would be a profound joy when we reach our 1-year anniversary I’m sure.


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