We fought. Twice. In two days.

(Yeah we really did! And in between, we cleaned windows and mopped floors.)

Thankfully, God uses our conflicts to expose our sinfulness. And I was touched by God’s mercy when my husband humbly admitted his sin.

I didn’t understand why he couldn’t make a simple phone call. He simply refused to postpone the home delivery, citing that it would be a huge inconvenience to the deliverers.

“But I don’t feel safe having expensive things in the house when our renovations are not complete,” I begged, reasoned and pleaded. “Besides it’s better to tell them earlier.”

He just wouldn’t pick up the phone! Silence. He ate his kueh and I drank my coffee.

Finally I whimpered: “I feel hurt because it’s like you care more about others than you care about me.”

“No, it’s because I care more about myself. I didn’t want others to think badly of me.”

Apart from God’s grace, not one of us would ever admit our own sin and repent of it. It’s really encouraging for me as a wife to see God working in my husband. So that’s what I am going to remember today!


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