mean what you say and say what you mean


There’s something about people not speaking clearly that makes me want to gobble them up. Hypocrites don’t mean what they say… but most people simply don’t say what they mean! It creates a lot more confusion than a handful of hypocrites do, I think.

Still, since it’s generally not a good idea to eat your husband up, I had to start thinking about solutions.

“Can you speak clearly please? I cannot understand you” is not a good way to go about it. He was very annoyed with me. Hurt, even.

I think it comes across as that he can’t speak clearly. Worse if I said that with other people around, which I did. (See what I mean when I said it’s hard to hide bad behaviour?) I learned that “please” and “thank you” don’t matter when he interprets my request as a rebuke.

And I admit: sometimes I stubbornly pretend not to understand at all until the person explains himself perfectly. “I think that’s what you mean, why don’t you say it properly?” See how mean I am.

I still think it’s reasonable to expect someone to speak more clearly. However, imperfect communication is just part of a broken sinful world. Until Jesus comes again and restore our communication, I must be careful not to let my expectations hurt our relationship.

Maybe I should play more Mad Gab.


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