my nonsensical love for Kao


Fab, Top or Persil? Powder or liquid? I agonise over what brand detergent to get while looking fondly at my bottle of Kao Attack.

I just love its sweet turquoise body and pink cap. It makes me wanna wash clothes. But apparently Kao Attack is not suitable for front-loading washer which is the sort I bought; this machine requires special low-sud detergent. Sigh!

I’m also tormented by the fact that I’ve wasted $6.65 on my beloved Kao.

I had to stop and ask myself, “What on earth am I doing? Worrying so much over washing detergent and a few dollars?!”

My husband is not going to scold me for buying the wrong detergent. I’m allowed to make mistakes! Homemaking is all new to me.

It reminds me of how sometimes we behave as if God is a punitive and petty person who withdraws his love when we forget to pray or skip a quiet time. We feel needlessly guilty and turn away from God because we think wrongly about him.

But God is always extending his grace to us… his mercy gives us hope to grow in our relationship with him when we make mistakes. And it is by turning to him, not away from him, that we receive his mercy.

So I have to stop feeling guilty as if Graham is going to pounce on me for $6.65. He is more gracious than that, though he does shake his head at my nonsensical love for Kao.


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