surprise yourself! {fried noodles}


I finally cooked the dried egg noodles I bought. I had meant to buy instant noodles. But maybe getting married made me think that instant anything is just too easy and I gotta aim higher. Noodles sans seasoning is a good way to start.

Then for two weeks I shunned cooking it and thought: I could secretly throw it away and pretend I never overestimated my culinary skills. Graham doesn’t need to know! But I kept on hoping…

Finally this morning with bread as a back-up plan, I attempted to fry the noodles. The instructions on the back of the packet says fry with 1/2 cup (!!) of cooking oil. That’s disgusting so I made up my own recipe on the go:

  1. Fry sliced garlic and sliced chili (remove seeds).
  2. Add carrots (or whatever vegetables you have).
  3. Add Nissin Egg Noodles Mee Poh.
  4. Add hot water and cover the pan to let it simmer.
  5. Add fish sauce, dark soya sauce, salt and sugar.
  6. Remove from pan and heat up some oil to fry egg.
  7. Beat 2 eggs and fry it.
  8. When it’s semi-done, return fried noodles to pan.
  9. Fry around!
  10. Serve.

(Isn’t that the worst recipe you’ve ever seen? I don’t usually measure what I put in.)

I like surprising Graham at breakfast, it’s my little game. Today I surprised myself too. The noodle was tasty! Maybe it’s the fish sauce. I don’t know. But have fun!


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