be forgetful with one another


I used to think that forgiveness is only for when you do something terribly wrong, like if I raise my voice and shout at Graham. Or if he spends all his time on his work and neglects me. But I found out that we pretty much have to forgive each other for just “being ourselves”.

Because we are not just good people who occasionally do wrong, but we are sinners who continually express our sinfulness in doing wrong. In this case, you can imagine the myriad of opportunities in a day we have to sin against one another (and ultimately against God).

Which is why I’m glad to read in Hebrews 10:17  that God said, “I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more.” This is what God does when he forgives our sins in Jesus Christ: he forgets them!

Since this is what God does when he forgives me, this is what I want to do when I forgive Graham too. Since God has forgotten his sins, what authority do I have to harp on them? I want to be every bit like Christ even in the way I forgive my husband. Let’s aim to start with a clean slate everyday.


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  1. This is encouraging 🙂 I struggle with forgiveness sometimes. especially now.. cos yesterday a good friend of mine said a really hurtful thing to me! 😦 still praying for courage to forgive.. and forget sins too. striving to be like Christ! 🙂

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