what about miracles?


A friend invited me to her church’s healing service where Li Nanxing was sharing his testimony. I honestly didn’t know whether to go or not. Is going there a sign of endorsement — if so, what am I endorsing? And what am I suspicious of, really?

I find myself in the same spot as the person who doesn’t want anything to do with Christianity just because — there is just something fishy about a man dying and rising from the dead but I don’t know what. And I don’t want to find out.

So it is with miracles for me. There’s something fishy about people flocking to a healing service but I don’t know what.

However, unlike the first person, I think I am going to find out a little bit more… Follow me if you are interested!


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  1. how did the miracle healing service go? I am invited to a prayer meeting that does the same thing on campus, and I dont know if I should go too! 🙂 I want to hear you share about your experience 🙂

  2. Hey Abby, I didn’t go for that service. But I intend to think more about the topic of miracles so that I’m clearer about my own convictions. Reading Acts was a starting point for me to see how it talked about miracles…

    I would say go if you are not horribly uncomfortable with it, and if you are able to respond graciously about it with the friend who invited you and the people whom you will see who genuinely believe in what happens at the service.

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